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Lo Myrick

Director of Market Partner Experience

In the time since our initial launch with the VERB sampling program, we’ve already generated improved conversion rates up to 20% on average for our haircare mailers. Because we’ve been able to experience the power and performance of VERB’s sampling sales program already, it was an easy decision for us to expand our relationship with the launch of our skincare mailers. Simply put, not only have we been able to engage on a deeper level with a greater number of new prospects, we’ve also introduced our customers to a whole new side of MONAT.

Daniel Picou

President & Co-Founder

Prior to our launch, we vetted out several technology providers to ensure we offered the best digital tools to our field. After months of investigation, we selected Verb for our app. Our Brand Partners love that they can easily share content, send samples, get notifications, manage contacts, get a view of their business reporting, and engage powerful business building activities. Their team is great to work with and we are thrilled to have them as our partner.

Ben Mayo

VP of Global Sales Systems

We are committed to providing our Associates with a robust social and mobile platform. We have been able to fulfill this with the Verb app. As a result, we’ve seen a significant increase in prospecting, product sales, enrollments and overall business activity. The analytics are amazing. This is a powerful platform to engage our field.

Kathy Coover

Owner & Executive VP

Isagenix has worked with Verb since 2004. They have played a significant role in providing our associates with the necessary tools they need to build their businesses.

Rated 4.9 Stars in the App Store

Trusted and Loved by Hundreds of Thousands of Users

IsaTools is my Daily Assistant

My ISA success is 100% complemented by IsaToolstoGo and is non-negotiable in both my product coaching and business collaborations. It's dynamic, has great content with quality tools to support me and all those I serve. it's a built in assistant and I'm obsessed! Thank you!

- thehealthy_traveler

Easy, fun and professional!

I feel so smart and hi-tech using this app..having fun with it..what a great discovery and thank you for making sharing this business and products so easy, fun and professional!

- Pom Pom Girl

An amazing system to build our business!

This tool has made sharing my business with a video and using so easy! Thank you for having such an amazing system to build our business!

- Kimba773

Verb has gone above and beyond

This is truly a game changer. Not only do I have analytical feedback and customizable selling tools, but I have an archive of available videos and resources to use. They say you get what you pay for, well, Verb has gone above and beyond with this software and great technology.

- Ejssick

Presidential Diamond

Just what I was looking for.. Months before we had this app. I thought it would be great to have a way to share with my contacts all about 4life Research and it's products without having to go in and out of my4life web page.. And just like magic we got it...

Thanks Team ✋👊

- Flor

I am almost in tears with hope again!

Too good to be true? Yet to be determined to see how successful I am. I can only imagine that it would be user error not to be successful with this app! Thank you! I am almost in tears with hope again!

- Laura B.

Easy and simple!

I LOVE this app! It makes getting information out to people so much quicker and love that you can track if they have opened it. It is great that is linked to your contacts to make this easy and simple! Way to go!

- Ashley H.

Easy app to use

Such an easy app to use with great tools that are very helpful in your journey of financial freedom!

- Joyce G.

Truly a game changer!!

This new feature of recording your own video and attaching web addresses is beyond amazing!! Truly a game changer!! Thank you for all the hard work that went into this new feature!!

- Alice B.

So straight forward and simple

This app has been created to help all Brand influencers work their business with the utmost efficiency and ease. It makes everything so straight forward and simple. I love it.

- C.J. S.

An exceptional app!

An exceptional app! In fact the best I have ever had the joyous experience to use!

- Steven Ediger

So easy to engage with my customers

This app makes it so easy to engage with my customers. I recommend it highly.

- B-RadAC

Rated 4.9 Stars in the App Store

Trusted and Loved by Hundreds of Thousands of Users