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Immersive Live Streaming
Deliver More Impactful Educational Sessions
The world has changed dramatically over the past couple of years. You need your content delivery to be relevant and timely. A sales rep needs quick, easy access to your company’s marketing and sales collateral so they can tailor their outreach to each buyer’s specific needs.  

Have you adapted your sales enablement and engagement strategy to keep up?
Get a play-by-play recap of each sales engagement. You can see how your content is performing and how your reps are interacting with it. What does that mean? That means you can provide sales reps with actionable insights that drives sales
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3X Your Conversion Rates
In a digital-first world, organizing, finding, sharing, and tracking your marketing content has never been easier.
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Optimize Sales Content With In-Depth Insights
Deliver intelligent customized bundles of content called Spaces to your customers and gain direct insight into buyer intent and interest as you track real-time analytics of their interactions with your content. Attachments are a thing of the past, use a link to deliver Spaces to your customers.
With the user-generated analytics and feedback of verb, you have the ability to assess the value of individual marketing content. You know where to spend your time in creating and optimizing content that will be the most beneficial to you and your sales team.

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Reduce Customer Churn
Now, there is an even better way to accelerate sales and close deals. Introducing personalized video outreach with verbTEAMS! With verbTEAMS, you can create customized interactive videos for each of your potential customers and engage them in unique ways.    

Viewers can buy in real-time, schedule a meeting, connect on social and more without leaving the video or platform.
Securely manage & distribute content in a centralized dashboard. Your sales representatives can easily find and send interactive videos, surveys, automated follow-ups, and more to increase their conversion rate.

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Immediately Increase Revenue by 2-3x

Trusted and Loved by Hundreds of Thousands of Users

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Content Marketing Campaigns
Create Showcases with your content to deliver product specific micro-sites on social media or other lead gathering channels. A product Showcase can be created in minutes to “showcase” a specific product or category. Showcases have a variety of gate options to gather contact information from your potential customers.
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Explore the Features of verbLIVE

Turn Every Sales Rep Into a Sales Powerhouse

Interactive Links

Use interactive links to sell during your livestream

Real-Time Analytics

See analytics on engagement, purchases, and attendees in real time

Instant Customer Notifications

Engage with your attendees with in-stream messaging

High Definition Live Streaming

Go LIVE in seconds with high definition video streaming

VerbTEAMS enables you to securely share your content
with real-time control, leverage insights, and more:

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What impact can verbTEAMS and Interactive Video have on your sales?
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